• 8.50

    Veg Fried Rice

    Fried rice seasoned with vegetables n jeera seeds.

  • Tava Roti (1 pc)

    Tava Roti (3 Pcs)

    Whole wheat bread prepared on a griddle. One order comes with one piece.

  • 10.00

    Shahi Paneer

    Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in a tomato gravy with cashews and cream.

  • Saag


    Rapini and spinach cooked with Indian spices.

  • Aloo Poori


    Deep-fried whole wheat bread. One order comes with three puri.

  • 6.50

    Podi Idli

    A teaspoon of powder on his plate, makes a well in the centre, adds sesame or other oil to this crater, and mixes in the powder to form a moist paste and put on idili cake.

  • Plain Raita

    Plain Raita

    Homemade yogurt with various spices.

  • Plain Parantha Combo

    Plain Parantha Combo

    Whole wheat bread served with yogurt, salad, pickles, and tea.

  • Paneer Parantha Combo

    Paneer Parantha Combo

    Whole wheat bread stuffed with cottage cheese and spices, served with yogurt, salad, pickles, and tea.

  • Paneer Burji

    Paneer Burji

    Grounded cottage cheese cooked with mixed vegetables and spices.

  • 10.00

    Palak Paneer

    Cottage cheese blended with spinach, then cooked in various Indian spices.

  • North Indian Thali - Mini

    North Indian Thali – Mini

    Thali refer to a metal plate that thali meal may be served on. Thali is popular in India. The idea behind a Thali is to offer all the 6 different flavors of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on one single plate.

  • Mixed Vegetables

    Mixed Vegetables

    Mixed vegetables cooked with Indian spices.

  • Medu Vada

    Medu Vada

    Medu vada is an Indian fritter made from Vigna mungo. It is usually made in doughnut-shape, with a crispy exterior and soft interior.

  • Matar Paneer

    Matar Paneer

    Cottage cheese cubes cooked with green peas, spices, and butter gravy.

  • Malai Kofta

    Malai Kofta

    Deep-fried cottage cheese balls, served with a cashews and tomato cream gravy.

  • Kadi Pakora

    Kadi Pakora

    Vegetarian pakora mixed with a yogurt and ground flour sauce.

  • 10.00

    Karahi Paneer

    Cottage cheese cooked with green peppers, coriander seeds, and gravy.

  • Aloo Parantha Combo

    Gobhi Parantha Combo

    Whole wheat bread stuffed with Cauliflower and spices, served with yogurt, salad, pickles, and tea.

  • Cucumber Raita

    Cucumber Raita

    Homemade yogurt with cucumbers and various spices.

  • Plain Raita

    Boondi Raita

    Homemade yogurt with boondi and various spices.

  • Chana Masala

    Chana Masala

    Chickpeas cooked in aromatic spices.

  • Bhindi Do Peyaza

    Bhindi Do Peyaza

    Okra mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, and seasoning.

  • 3.00


    Deep-fried whole flour bread. One order comes with one Bhatura.

  • Aloo Poori

    Aloo Poori

    Aloo Poori, spicy potatoes with gravy and puffed whole wheat bread (puri). It is simple and makes a complete meal.

  • 7.50

    Aloo Parantha Combo

    Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and spices, served with yogurt, salad, pickles, and tea.

  • Aloo Gobhi

    Aloo Gobhi

    Potatoes and cauliflower, cooked with garlic, ginger, and Indian spices.

  • Idli


    Idili are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils and rice.

  • 15.00

    Indian Thali – North

    North Indian cuisine is a part of Indian cuisine, from the region of Northern India which includes the Pakistani provinces: Punjab, AJK and Indian states and union territories: Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh . This is also a major cuisine in the Northern-Eastern regions like western Bihar (especially Bhojpuri cuisine), excluding cuisine of Mithilanchal) as well as central regions like Madhya Pradesh.

  • Veg Biryani

    Veg Biryani

    Mixed vegetables served with rice.

  • Paneer Dosa

    Masala Dosa

    Masala dosa or masale dose is a variation of the popular South Indian food dosa, which has its origins in Tuluva Mangalorean cuisine. It is made from rice, lentils, potato, methi, and curry leaves, and served with chutneys and sambar.

  • 9.50

    Chole Bhature

    Leavened deep-fried bread served with chickpeas, yogurt, salad, and pickles.