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Best Indian Restaurant

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Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • Saag


    Rapini and spinach cooked with Indian spices.

  • Aloo Poori

    Aloo Poori

    Aloo Poori, spicy potatoes with gravy and puffed whole wheat bread (puri). It is simple and makes a complete meal.

  • 7.00

    Veg Noodles

    Indian Hakka-style noodles, served with diced vegetables.

  • Onion Ring

    Onion Ring

    They generally consist of a cross-sectional “ring” of onion (the circular structure of which lends itself well to this method of preparation) dipped in batter or bread crumbs and then deep fried.

  • Bread Pakora

    Bread Pakora

    Bread pakora is an Indian fried snack. It is also known as bread bhaji. A common street food, it is made from bread slices, gram flour, and spices among other ingredients.

  • 10.00

    Karahi Paneer

    Cottage cheese cooked with green peppers, coriander seeds, and gravy.

What Our Clients Say


Delicious food, no extra spices, just like home served! Highly recommended.

Hari Dhall

As per the name, this is the Best Indian Restaurant in Almere. Top in Quality and Best in Taste. Very friendly atmosphere. Great Hospitality. Customized Menu. Our office team guys regular Lunch place. Highly recommend it Indian Food Lovers.

Manikandan Rajendran

Very warm welcome, delicious en very subtle tasty food. I was for two hours in India with all the hospitality from the Indian people and peaceful atmosphere.
We celebrated my sons birthday and the women bought him a bunch of tulips, very lovely and heartily! We will be back! Thank you ladies!

Hyacintha Schouten

10 years ago I left Tamil Nadu, after living there for a few years. The food I really loved, 7 idli’s in the morning with coconut chutny to get the day started. In all those years I never found the same South Indian taste, hospitality and ambiance which I was longed for here in The Netherlands. Today, at last, I had myself a real South Indian Masala Dosa with a truly delicious coconut chutney in the Best Indian Restaurant, right here in Almere the Netherlands. The taste for me is truly authentic South Indian food. Besides the food, the restaurant had even the authentic ‘hotel’ feel and hospitality, a bit of South India in the Netherlands. Thanks!

Dennis Parengkuan